depth and meaning

“There is so much more depth and meaning behind numbers that you would think. Eddy takes you into the world of numbers and decrypts them for you. That leads first and foremost to a fine discussion from one person to another about the things that are currently taking place in your life or are calling for attention. Eddy has a lot of wisdom and calmness and uses these in a very nice way. At the end of the discussion you will receive a detailed report. It is certainly worth picking this up at any moment and reading it again.” C.G.

grateful and inspiring

I had a very interesting and enlightening consult with Eddy. First of all I had a short pre-consult with him via Zoom after which I asked if I could have a full session. I have always believed in special numbers and during our session I was amazed how the numbers coordinated with my life from when I was young up till the present time. Eddy was very thorough in explaining the various stages of my life. Also the message from a recent dearly departed was so comforting and heartening. I am so grateful to you Eddy for a very inspiring session and a new insight in my outlook. Good Luck in your endeavors and God Bless. I.G.

beautiful emotions

“I did the numerology session with a group of friends. What an impressive experience. Many insights gained in a pleasant atmosphere. Special pre-defined messages gave many insights and beautiful emotions. It was a really fantastic experience which I hope many others can enjoy.” R.A.

involved and sincere

“I felt very at home with Eddy. It was possible to discuss everything that came up. Eddy asked even after the session now and then how things were going. This shows his involvement and sincerity.” I.V.

never to be forgotten

“The session with Eddy using numerology and transformative mediation gave me a deeper insight into who I am as a person and what I had “lost” for example from my past.

The clear insights into the components of numerology have allowed me to look at a complete personal mirror of myself. Even if you could say that you’re reasonably familiar with your own view of yourself as a person and your life, this way has given me much more a sort of 360° insight into myself.

In addition, Eddy, together with his personal coaching, helped me to realise what was behind those parts of my behaviour which bothered me. And the way that Eddy helped me has allowed me to control this behaviour. To the extent that I no longer let myself be triggered by whatever or whoever. I have learned to recognise and deal with things. And I feel so much better now! This gave me a great turning point in my own life.

All the conversations we had were extremely pleasant. There was room not only for deeper questions, for humour and for astonishment, but also for emotion! The serenity of the sessions was a relief for me and made it very calming. Eddy took literally all the time needed, both in terms of content and for me, as a person.

The mediumistic messages were very personal and incredibly emotional, but also very enlightening. They gave me the answers which it later appeared I had been awaiting for some time. And as a result I felt once again a “complete” person.

Eddy, thank you for the way in which you have introduced me to numerology and a deeper understanding of myself. Thank you for the calm atmosphere in our conversations. I will never forget this!

You’re the best!” A.A.

insight into myself

“I had a very positive experience at the session that I had with Eddy. He put me at my ease, was very understanding and made me feel that it was safe to talk with him. The session gave me insight into myself.” S-G.

restoring confidence in myself

“Eddy came onto my path in a difficult and especially dark period of my life. After a very warm reception (a long and cold car journey), Eddy explained to me the world of numerology in relation to my own personal situation. It is very interesting to discover what past, present and future have meant for me, what they now mean and what they may be able to mean. What is striking is that a number of matters which came to the fore have already been realised in my daily life. The consultation with him absolutely helped me to restore confidence in myself and the path I should follow further. I really hope that more people can be helped by Eddy. His consultation is an absolute must for anyone with questions about life.” G.H.d.W.

deep impression

“What most impressed me is the question to Eddy whether he was able to tune in on my son Kevin who has an intellectual disability. What he then shared with me has had so much impact on me. I found it so special. It was so true and allowed me to place and understand my son better. It has made a deep impression. I would like to ask at a later stage if he can do the same with my other two sons. Thank you Eddy.” I.J.

many insights

“The numerology session with Eddy was my first encounter with this form of therapy. I didn’t know what I could expect. I found it very special how many insights I gained during the session with Eddy. About myself, patterns and choices. The session had an impact for a long time, and continues to do so when making new choices. Eddy can provide clear explanations and it was a good conversation, with the time flying by. At the end, you will receive a nice booklet about your personal numbers and your life lessons, challenges and talents that go along with them.” K.v.B. 

growing and developing

“I had a good conversation with a dedicated and enthusiastic Eddy in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. What Eddy told me fitted in with who I am. A sort of confirmation, which gives me strength to continue with how I live and with how I go about things. But there are also a number of clear leads for the future: points to work on in order to further grow and develop.” F.S.


“Eddy really takes the time you need and prepares well. A very special experience. Enlightening and enriching. I was able to get to know myself better. It’s a gift to yourself.”

special experience

“So many things just came together. When he talked from the outset about a woman in a checked skirt I knew that it was my mother. A special experience.” T.V.

change processes

“In a pleasant discussion, Eddy goes through and carefully explains everything. I also had to reflect on the processes of change at this point in time and then turn to the calculation. “How would it be if I take these facts into account when I make my decision?” You always have a free choice, but this science provides good guidance. And Eddy can communicate this in a very nice way.” V.L.

a move in the right direction

“I found it a very good session, in a quiet unforced setting. I could see that you were well prepared and had taken care of everything. You really took your time and were careful with your explanations. You came across as curious and on the same level, making it easy for me to open up. What came out of the “numbers” suited me well and gave me confidence that I’m on the right track. Thank you and greetings!” A.d.V.

a gift to yourself

“The consultation with Eddy helped me to get to know more about myself and to confirm what I feel. I found it a very good conversation. Eddy takes you on a beautiful journey through your numbers, also with some humour. I felt very at ease, Eddy radiates calm and this creates trust and a safe feeling. Are there any other comments or points for attention? Not for me ha ha .. but I do think that Eddy could charge more for such a beautiful session with also a paper print-out of the summary of your numerology, also very nice as a reference work for yourself. Really a very special and beautiful gift to yourself. Also a great idea for a present for a friend or another loved one. Thank you so much Eddy for the beautiful session, I’ll come for a follow-up session in half a year, I want to know more and to go even deeper! Kind regards.” K. v. R.

direction in my life

The sessions with Eddy were enjoyable: he takes the time needed and provides a safe feeling for discussing the youth numerology results. It is nice to be able to read the meaning of these afterwards. It gives me a direction in my life and confirms certain choices on my life path. Thank you! E .

greater self-confidence

“I was referred to Eddy by a friend. With only a date of birth in a sealed envelope he could describe what I was dealing with at the time. As a result, an appointment was set up for a numerology session at Eddy’s home. We had a very pleasant and open conversation, discussing the numbers that could be traced back to my date of birth. A recognisable past and present emerged from this, as well as a vision for the future that I could do something with and which gave me more self-confidence. Eddy has a nice and cheerful personality. Should you consider going for a numerology session yourself, you’ve come to the right address.” B.

a beautiful conversation

“Our youngest son has drum lessons with Eddy, and given the very good “click” they have, we asked Eddy to have a talk with him. He struggled and still struggles at school and we wanted to give him the chance to talk about it with someone other than his parents. No sooner said than done, with a beautiful conversation as a result. Eddy is a very nice person with whom you quickly feel at ease with. Thank you!”

non-judgmental letter

“The sessions I had with Eddy have – through the writing of a letter to someone I felt irritated with – given me much insight. I was able to write this letter, with the help of Eddy, without any judgement (which proved to be a difficult task). I am very grateful to him! I would also like to add that Eddy is a very quiet, pleasant and sensitive man who listens well and takes all the time you need.” R.G.


“Eddy is calm, caring and full of integrity .. he makes you feel your freedom when he’s interpreting. His sessions are fun, pleasant, light and informative!” M.S.